Newpark Dallas

Corporate / Commercial, Master Plan, Multifamily

Dallas, Texas



Core Project Team
  • Hoque Global
  • Pickard Chilton
  • Merriman Anderson Architects
  • Pacheco Koch
  • Moss Construction

18 acres

Newpark Dallas is a complete reinvention and revitalization of a long-neglected region at the southern edge of Dallas’s central business district.

Dubbed ‘a Smart District,’ the vision for Newpark is a major new urban center within the city focused on innovation, technology, and education. Featuring walkable streets, urban parks, millions of square feet of new Class A office space, 1,500 multifamily residential units, a four-star hotel, 200,000 square of urban retail, and a million square foot educational campus, this master plan is visionary in scope and achievable in practice though a flexible and purposeful phased development plan supported by the strong, creative partnerships forged by Lanoha and Hoque Global. Within a mile of Newpark, several billions of dollars of investment are underway, including the Dallas Convention Center and major infrastructure improvements to create two new deck parks bridging I-30 and a reconstruction of the interstate canyon.

In partnership with Hoque Global, Lanoha is a developer of the Newpark Dallas master plan, contributing at all levels from feasibility studies and project team selection to investment and capital. An analytical approach to project management and creating long-term value underpin Lanoha’s development strategy, which in turn support the ongoing success of this immense project as it unfolds, ushering in a seismic shift in the landscape of Dallas.

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