We are a diversified, vertically integrated company with a focus on long-term value creation. Your comprehensive development partner for everything from acquisition to asset management. 


Successful acquisitions have always been foundational to Lanoha’s real estate strategy, forming a solid platform for our current and future growth and performance. Equally important, we are extremely well-versed in land acquisitions that underpin positive real estate solutions for our clients in third-party developments, driving value and innovation.

  • Site Identification and Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Land Assemblage
  • Due Diligence
  • Market Analysis
  • Financing

Master Planning

Our deep experience in master planning allows us to focus on the most important details that create a rich and robust community. Lanoha’s visionary approach to the design and development of each master plan is supported by a record of uncommon success working through complex entitlements processes to bring projects to life that are sustainable, human-scaled, and community-oriented.

  • Site Investigation and Analysis
  • Entitlements and Approvals
  • Strategic Planning
  • Phased Design and Development
  • Feasibility Assessment

Development Management

Lanoha has found great success collaborating with partners to understand their real estate needs and address them through a thoughtful, disciplined, and creative development process that emphasizes quality and value. We treat our clients’ people like our own and deliver build-to-suit projects and sites that set the stage for innovation, culture, and success.

  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • General Contractor Selection and Negotiation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Management and Accounting
  • Entitlements and Approvals
  • Value Engineering
  • Programming, Budget, and Schedule Development
  • Construction Administration
  • Design Team Review and Selection
  • Commissioning and Delivery Coordination
  • RFP Bidding
  • Consulting Services

Construction Administration

A keen focus on quality drives our construction administration process. Lanoha brings deep expertise to bear on every project type from corporate headquarters towers to mixed-use centers to planned communities. We believe that effective communication with the design team and the contractor is the foundation for project success, and we are uncompromising in our pursuit of positive alignments of quality, budget, and schedule.

  • General Contractor Negotiation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Subcontractor Review
  • Commissioning and Delivery Coordination
  • Strict Budget and Schedule Alignment
  • Move Management
  • Construction Review and Management
  • Close-Out and Delivery
  • Design Team Coordination and Management

Community Development

Lanoha’s record of success in developing planned communities is unparalleled, with many of our communities setting the market for the most sought-after in their respective locations. We work directly with the most reputable homebuilders to ensure that our communities deliver on a promise of the highest quality and a rich and comfortable lifestyle. Through a combination of innovative planning and conscientious attention to detail, we create environments that foster a sense of community and belonging with highly recognizable, tree-lined streets and professionally designed and constructed entrances.

  • Land Acquisition and Development
  • Construction Compliance
  • Entitlements and Approvals
  • High-Quality Neighborhood Appearance
  • Direct Builder Engagement
  • Phased Development
  • Carefully Planned Lots
  • Overall Community Focus
  • Architectural Design Requirements

Asset Management

Our belief in engagement and community inspires our approach to asset management. With a deep focus on creating and sustaining both vitality and quality, we ensure that the value we create stands the test of time. Our operations team is focused on long-term planning and diligent service, including sustainability and life-cycle analysis, and we pride ourselves on our meticulous care of each property we manage to ensure we are delivering a best-in-class experience.

  • Fastidious On-Site Property Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Operations Planning and Execution
  • Tenant Experience Services
  • Budgeting and Accounting Services
  • Rigorous Maintenance Program
  • Lease and Contract Administration